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The Why Music Festival - videos available now!

Nate Holder selfie for the Why Music Festival

A big thank you to all who attended and supported the very first Why Music Festival! The day was brimming with music, inspiration, and unforgettable moments. A massive thank you goes out to the exceptional musicians who made this day truly special.

To kick off the day, I had the pleasure of diving into my book 'Where Are All The Instruments? West Africa,' where we explored the djembe drum and delved into the rich history of West Africa.

Next up, the incredible Sarah Jeffery took the stage and enthralled us with her mastery of the recorder. She even showcased her contrabass recorder and one-handed recorders designed for individuals with restricted mobility.

Annemarie Anang captivated us with her book 'I Am Nefertiti' and shared her personal journey as an author, emphasizing the significance of names.

DJ Asad then took us on an enchanting journey, sharing his inspiring story of becoming a DJ and drawing parallels between DJing and "conducting a room."

The multi-talented YolanDa Brown demonstrated the vast possibilities of a musical career and even shared a delightful anecdote about a Zoom call with Elmo!

Jay Phelps enlightened us with his trumpet expertise, teaching us about counting and feeling music in odd time signatures.

Franklin Willis treated us to a captivating reading from his book 'Edwards Rhythm Sticks,' reminding us that music surrounds us wherever we go.

A massive shout-out to Verona, a student at the RNCM for providing exceptional tech support throughout the day. Your assistance was invaluable!

In the end, we were blown away by the tremendous response, with over 6000 signups pouring in from the UK, Slovenia, Norway, USA, Italy, India, China, Australia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

A heartfelt thanks once again to all our sponsors who made this extraordinary event possible.

- Hal Leonard Europe

- Black Lives In Music

- Harper Collins

- National Children's Orchestra

We couldn't have done it without you!

The Why Music Festival videos are available now:

Who would you like to see in the next Why Music Festival?

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