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Sons Of Kemet - "Your Queen Is A Reptile" | Oct 29th

Sons of Kemet are a four piece British band who have fused together many different styles to become one of the most sought after London based jazz bands of the last few years. The ensemble is made up of two drummers, a tuba and tenor saxophone which helps to give the band it's unique sound. This tune is the title track of their 2018 album which was nominated for the 2018 Mercury Prize. They are led by multi-instrumentalist Shabaka Hutchings, who has performed/recorded with the Sun Ra Arkestra, Christian Scott, and the Metropole Orchestra.

Ideas for discussion questions:

  1. How do you interpret the title of the song?

  2. Do you recognise any of the Queens in this video?

  3. How does the music compliment the poetry?

  4. Is there anything in the poem you disagree with? Anything you agree with? Why?

  5. Why wouldn't a song like this be played on mainstream radio?


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