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Brown Sugar - "Black Pride" | Oct 9th

Brown Sugar were a British reggae trio (Pauline Catlin, Caron Wheeler and Carol Simms) who released a few hits under the Lovers Rock record label set up by British reggae legends Dennis Harris, Dennis Bovell and John Kpiaye. This tune called 'Black Pride' was released as a single in 1977. 1967 was a pivotal year for many black British people, with the Malawi refugee crisis and Notting Hill riots happening before the Race Relations Act was passed in that December. Black Pride is an unapologetic statement about the pride felt in being black, and having brown skin. Caron Wheeler went on to be the lead singer for the UK band Soul II Soul.

Ideas for discussion questions:

  1. How do you think people reacted to the song in 1977?

  2. How does this song make you feel?

  3. Can you name any other Black British women only bands?

  4. What can the picture tell us about these women?

  5. Why is it acceptable to say 'Black Pride' and not 'White Pride'?


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