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Nneka - "Shining Star" | Oct 20th

Nneka is a Nigerian vocalist, activist and actor who started to become internationally recognised worldwide after opening for Sean Paul in 2004 in Hamburg, Germany. She has released 5 albums, the latest of which was released in 2015. She founded The Rope Foundation in 2012 in Sierra Leone “to give a platform to help people express themselves and their issues in society”. She has performed or recorded with the likes of Black Thought, Nas, Patrice and Seeed.

- What is the message of this song?

- Nneka moved from Nigeria to Germany in her late teens. What might have been difficult about that?

- Nneka sings in a few different languages including English and Nigerian Pidgin.

- The album is song is from is called ‘Soul Is Heavy’. Why do you think she called it that?


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