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KOKOROKO - "Carry Me Home" | Oct 8th

KOKOROKO are a British band led by trumpeter Sheila Maurice-Grey. The members of the band are well known in the British music scene, with the saxophonist and composer Cassie Kinoshi leading her own band named SEED, drummer Ayo Salawu who has played for Oscar Jerome and Julia Biel, and trombonist Richie Seivwright. KOKOROKO's tune Abusey Junction has been viewed over 45 million times since 2018, and they were named as The Guardians' Ones To Watch in 2019. This was their performance during the BBC Proms last year.

Ideas for discussion questions:

  1. What do you think it was like to perform this type of music in an empty hall?

  2. Can you name any artists/bands which might have influenced their sound?

  3. Are there advantages or disadvantages when you play over static chord changes?

  4. What do you think this music was designed for?

  5. How is repetition used in the solos?


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