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Akala Fire In The Booth (Part 1)

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Akala dropped this back in 2011. Not much to say – it's a history lesson all in itself. Here are some selected lyrics:

2:22 - For small amounts of drug possession there's more black people in jail in America than there is for rape and armed robbery and murder all put together // You can say they're just locking up thugs // Imagine they imprisoned every middle-class kid that had ever held drugs?

3:25 - Then people act a little dysfunctional // You wanna pretend that you don’t know why // If your colour means you can be killed // And you’re powerless to get justice about it //

  • What time signature is the music in?

  • Is the beat in a major or minor key?

  • This tune is built on a loop. How many bars is the loop made from?

  • Can you point to Nigeria on a map?

  • Who are Malcolm, Marley and Marcus Garvey?

  • Can you hear Akala changing the rhythm of his words from quavers, semi-quavers and triplets?

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