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I Wish I Didn't Quit: Music Lessons gives you the tools and ideas to help your child succeed along their musical journey.

I Wish I Didn't Quit: Music Lessons

Since music entered the National Curriculum in 1988, the UK’s approach to musical education has been grounded in Western Classical traditions.

Music in education: a living relic of Western Europe’s colonial mentality

2017 saw the beginning of a new generation of young women establish themselves as the new voices and faces of the male dominated UK Jazz scene.

How women took over the London Jazz scene in 2017


It is undeniable that there is violence in some hip-hop, but should a few cases marginalise an entire genre?

White Violence vs Hip-Hop

It's time to challenge the lazy ways in which UK music education treats musical styles from Africa

‘African’ drumming, the homogenisation of a continent


I’ve always wondered why, when studying music in school, we never learnt about music from western Africa or the Caribbean during the generally accepted years of western Classical music (1730-1820).

Where are the Black Classical Composers?

‘Kitch’ should be celebrated as one of the great black British musicians of the 20th century

Politics & Calypso: Lord Kitchener, the Windrush-era musician who sang stories