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10 Iranian Musicians You Need To Know

In this guest post, F.D. introduces us to 10 musicians who have become musical icons for them and other Iranians around the world. By now you have probably seen and heard the voice of Iranians in and out of Iran, protesting and marching for women's rights, human rights, and for a better future. Protests are now going into their 6th week as I write this, and I have not felt grief like this since the day we left Iran. There is a desperate, overwhelming longing to be with my people, to be in my homeland, and to be on the streets with everyone.

I can speak for almost every Iranian when I say that we turn to music, singing and dancing in good times and bad times. Music, poetry and singing are in our DNA. Our country birthed incredible poets such as Saʿdī, Ḥāfiẓ, Rūmī and Khayyam. Music and poetry helps us stay connected and feel united with each other no matter where we are in the world. This has very much been the case during the last 6 weeks with on