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This short book will challenge you to think deeply about your own beliefs about music and music education and will help you chart a path toward a more inclusive and richer musical experience for yourself and your students. - Philip Ewell


If I were a racist,

I'd know that,

Even though the notes may be black,

The spaces would remain white.


'If I Were A Racist' is a thought-provoking examination of racism within music education. Delving into the portrayal of Africa, the intersections of European Classical music with the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, DEI and notation, this book offers critical insights and socio-historical context to understand the pervasive impact of racism and white supremacy in contemporary music education. Foreword written by Philip Ewell.


This book explores our long (long) held beliefs about how and what we teach in western music education and how that is almost always through a very white (and often colonial) lens...Genuinely, a must-read. - C.Kinsella

If I Were A Racist... Exploring racism in music learning

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