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Women's History Month Podcasts

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Celebrate the music and lives of some incredible women by checking out some of our podcast episodes that have focused on some women from around the world and across history. Upcoming episodes this month:

Season 2 Ep 6 - An interview with the storytelling composer, Ella Jarman-Pinto

Season 2 Ep 7 - A look at the life and music of film and video game composer, Yoko Kanno

Season 2 Ep 8 - One of the most interesting singers ever, Florence Foster-Jenkins

Until these are released, subscribe to have each episode downloaded as soon as it is released, and have a listen to other episodes across seasons 1 and 2 featuring these women:

The Why Music Podcast is a podcast for kids and young people to learn about different musicians and music through history! All episodes are written, recorded and produced by Nate Holder and can be accessed on all podcast platforms including Spotify/Apple Podcasts and PocketCasts.

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