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Where Are All the Instruments? West Africa - shortlisted for award

Very happy to share that Where Are All The Instruments? West Africa has been shortlisted for 'Outstanding Music Education Print Resource', which is a new category introduced by the Music and Drama Awards.

Author Nathan Holder holding 'Where Are All The Instruments? West Africa'

It's significant for many reasons, not only because it's the first time a book I've self published has been shortlisted for an award - not bad for a 1 person company!

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Where Are All The Instruments? West Africa is a picture book that introduces 16 instruments from around West Africa. From koras to djembes, ngonis to neifaras, children not only learn the names of these instruments but also about some of the famous places and nature in countries such as Benin, Nigeria, Cape Verde, and Mauritania.

My girls love this book so much! It has hugely encouraged them in their every growing love for music and they have enjoyed learning about a lot of West African instruments and even about the countries of West Africa. Packed with great info, a fun storyline and child friendly images this book is an essential for a children’s library.

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