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Rap in the Classroom CPD session | Francis Winston

I'm delighted to host the author, composer, and educator Francis Winston as he provides insight and strategies into how to teach rap with his new book 'Rap-in -The -Classroom'. This will be the first in a few affordable and accessible CPD sessions to help educators develop understanding about styles by those who have in-depth knowledge as educators and practioners.

1. Why rap is essential to key stage 3 music?

2. Addressing problems with assessing rappers in Key Stage 4 and 5

3. Tackling the more controversial elements of the art form.

4. Advocating the presence of rap within musical theatre.

Rap-in-the-Classroom is a teaching guide for secondary school music teachers, enabling them to decipher, learn and teach one of the most powerful yet misunderstood musical art forms of the modern age. The book is aimed specifically at secondary schools, college teachers and peripatetic vocal teachers.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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