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Queen Latifah (ft Monie Love) - "Ladies First" | Oct 19th

Queen Latifah (legal name Dana Owens) is a musician, entrepreneur, actor and producer from New Jersey, USA. She released her first album in 1989 called 'All Hail The Queen', and has gone on to win many awards for her music and acting, winning a Grammy, an Emmy and Golden Globe amongst other awards in her career so far. She recently publicly acknowledged her partner Eboni Nicols at the 2021 BET Music Awards. Monie Love was born in London, UK and is the first and only British women in hip hop to win two Grammy awards.

Ideas for discussion questions:

  1. Does the phrase 'ladies first' still mean the same thing in 2021?

  2. What do their clothes tell us about them?

  3. Can you name any of the 5 ladies shown at the beginning of the video?

  4. Do you think Monie Love would have enjoyed the same success if she stayed in London? If yes, why? If no, why not?

  5. If you were to rewrite this song, who (if anyone) would be 'first'?

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