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Providing a platform for aspiring writers

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

I'm opening up the blog on for young people who enjoy writing about music to give them a platform to get their ideas and stories more visibility. Anything related to music, whether it be album, concert or book reviews, or think pieces on education or industry are welcome (including audio and video formats).

My writing journey really started in my early twenties when I began to write for a few online websites doing song and album reviews. It was this validation of having my words appear online that encouraged me to keep going, write blogs, articles and later, books. Having started the Why Books in 2020, I want to be able to provide a small platform for others to hopefully gain some experience, hopefully lead to bigger oppurtunites in the future. There are many organisations trying to diversify their writing pools, who will hopefully be able to read work from aspiring writers on the blog.

With initiatives such as the Jericho Prize and Jhalak Prize working hard to recognise, promote and nuture Black and Asian talent, it is essential that this work expands to help young people feel as though their vioce matters. You don't need a publishing deal or thousands of follwers on social media for your writing to be read, watched or listened to.

We welcome submissions from anyone aged 11-30, but particularly from people from Black or Brown backgrounds. For further inquires, drop us an email at

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