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New music book for the Early Years

I'm happy to share with you all a new full-colour adventure book for 2-6 year olds called 'Where Are All The Instruments? European Orchestra'.

Our 4 characters help the Jumo Orchestra (Jumo - short for 'Ajumose' in Yoruba which means 'doing together') to find their missing instruments so they can play a concert. It was important for me to include many different people with different backgrounds in this book, in the hopes that children can see themselves represented. Thanks to Jon Silpayamanant's work on orchestras found around the world, it was also important for me to distinguish in the title, the idea of this type of orchestra is one from Europe, rather than reinforcing the idea that there is only one type of orchestra.

My hope is that kids will love following the adventure as they find instruments in sandboxes, in the ocean and in outer space! There also hidden instruments that kids will have to look closely throughout the book to find too. It's great for reading during circle time, and for getting children to think about what it might be like to be in the desert, outer space or by the sea!

Sneak peek inside!

“The illustrations go to brilliant lengths to stimulate imaginative places as the landscapes go from the Beach to outer space and the team spirit of the "Why Squad" is a beautiful reminder for children about why working together as a team is so important.” @TheBlackNurseryManager

The first 50 people who order it will have the option to have a personalised message included and will receive the book before the official publishing date.

Thank you all for supporting my work as we all continue to give children a balanced, informed and positive view of themselves and music!

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