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Music education won’t save classical music (David Taylor)

One of the first things I saw on my X feed this morning was this blog post by David Taylor called 'Music education won’t save classical music', which I thought was a very concise and interesting read.

It got me thinking about many things (too much for this quick post), including the idea that in reality, orchestral players, conductors, composers, publishers, and many other professions attached to classical music, aren't always educated in the UK.

In addition to that, there are wider questions about what is actually being 'saved' when we use phrases like this. The reason I ask is that once we know what needs to be saved, we can expand and 'rebrand' while saving the essential essence of the thing itself. If it's about saving jobs, might that mean a different approach to programming decisions? If it's about saving repertoire, how may that affect the classical music culture? If it's about saving the culture, how may that affect audiences?

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