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Free CPD sessions for music teachers

As part of the Talk into Action campaign, Why Music has partnered with Music Mark to create a series of free online CPD sessions for music teachers and educators. All sessions run from 4pm-5:50pm GMT.

Francis Winston - Rappin' The Classroom (29th March)

In this session, Francis Winston provides strategies, repertoire tips and practical advice to help teachers to effectively use and understand rap music in the classroom setting.

Francis Winston is an experienced author, composer, and educator with over 20 years experience in music education. His book Rap-in-the-Classroom is a teaching guide for secondary school music teachers, enabling them to decipher, learn and teach one of the most powerful yet misunderstood musical art forms of the modern age. The book is aimed specifically at secondary schools, college teachers and peripatetic vocal teachers.

Faz Shah - Music and Islam (12th April)

A unique session where we will unpack what the Islamic tradition says about music by delving into history, the faith of 1.7 billion people worldwide, cultures of music, modern technology, music and how we can ultimately engage Muslim participants in our sessions. All music educators, facilitators and teachers are welcome.

Farhaan Aamir Shah (Faz Shah) is an actor, composer and musician based in Manchester. His passion is working with refugees and asylum seekers in collaboration with Music Action International and developing youth projects for social change.

Ethan Hein - Electronic Music & Hip Hop (14th April)

In this session, Ethan Hein will talk about how computers make it possible to teach general music as an art class, but in order for that to become a reality, music teachers have to get familiar with the aesthetics and values of electronic dance music and hip-hop. How can White educators approach this?

Ethan Hein is a Doctoral Fellow in music education at New York University, and an adjunct professor of music technology at NYU and Montclair State University. He is a founding member of the NYU Music Experience Design Lab and the co-author of Electronic Music School: Empowering Student Creativity with Ableton Live, published in 2021.

Malika Green - Trinbagonian culture and the Steel Pan (26th April)

In this session, Malika Green will explore the history of the steel pan, and its place in modern-day Trinbagonian culture. For teachers interested in beginning to teach pan or for those who want to further their knowledge and understanding, we will explore repertoire choices and how to effectively teach pan in classrooms.

Malika Green is a Fulbright scholar, educator, director and performer who has worked with various communities across North America including the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras. She is an expert in Steel Pan pedagogy and brings a wealth of experience in helping educators to understand the obstacles with the Western European and musical practises in the Global South.

Syreeta Neal - The roots of Blues music (3rd May) In this session, we will explore the roots of Blues music, its progression into other forms of American popular music and the lasting influence it has on American music and culture today. We will also discuss ways to authentically and thoughtfully incorporate meaningful, inspiring Blues lessons into your own music education curriculum.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Syreeta Neal is an upper elementary music educator, 3rd generation Blues musician and activist based in Los Angeles. Syreeta was born into a family of artists and began her 21 year musical career as an international touring artist before moving to LA and transiting into music education in 2011, with an emphasis on racial equity in the music classroom. In addition to her lived experience and deep roots in Black American traditional music, Syreeta also holds a specialist certification in vocal jazz, R&B and pop/rock from Berklee College of Music. Outside of the elementary music room, Syreeta works as a presenter and educational content creator for the non-profit organization Decolonizing The Music Room and is a board member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Orff Schulwerk Association.

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