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Be Relevant - Beethoven Would Have Loved J Dilla

Jarritt Sheel ( is an Assistant Professor at Berklee College of Music, as well as a doctoral candidate at Colombia University, a trumpet player, DJ, and co-founder of I was delighted to see that he was a guest on the awesome The Score Podcast, hosted by Eric Jimenez (@ejimenez86) and Justin McLean (@jusmackmuzik). Listen here as these great thinkers and educators talk about the philosophy behind hip-hop music education, staying relevant, and what they've been listening to lately.

Have a listen to other The Score episodes and hit that subscribe button. They've also just set up a Patreon, so please support if you are able to.

Back in 2017, I travelled to New York City to, amongst other things, meet Jarritt Sheel at NYU. We planned to record an episode for my podcast, and serendipitously met Ethan Hein (@ethanhein) as we were finding a space to talk. The three of us ended up having a great conversation about many different aspects of music education in the UK and US, including staying relevant, the marginalisation of certain genres in education, and how to deal with problematic figures such as Wagner and Tupac. I must admit, many of my personal thoughts were basic, if not ill-thought-out at the time (still learning!), and so it was amazing to sit and have a conversation with these two men who, to this day, continue to influence and inspire me.

I hope as you listen, you are inspired too.

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