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Bad Brains - "I Against I" | Oct 28th

The rock band Bad Brains were formed in 1977, and well known as one of the most important bands in the development of hardcore punk music. They made their name in Washington D.C in the late 70s and released a series of albums throughout the 80s. Their sound helped to influence many famous bands including the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gun N' Roses, and The Roots.

Ideas for discussion questions:

  1. How would you describe the music?

  2. Why do you think they named the band Bad Brains?

  3. Some of the lyrics say:

So tell me why, did you have to lie

And try to make me all confused about the U.S.A.

When the fact of the matter is you just don't care

To comprehend or understand a single word I say

What does this mean to you?

4. Can you name any other punk bands?

5. What does the video tell you about what their concerts might have been like back then?


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